Erin Delia

I took this picture while roaming around Charleston, N.C., trying to figure out what my life was
meant to be. I was still recovering from another failed, multi-year job that made me lost and
nearly broke. The few things I tried to do then were just life handing me more lemons and
waiting for me to make lemonade! 2017 was my first time as an overachiever, and I had hit so
many “No’s” before. I had signed up for a new schooling program with no idea where to take it,
started a non-profit that can’t seem to raise a penny, tried to build a full-time massage therapy
client base that never became more than a handful of clients, and stuck in a relationship that is
going nowhere.

I have spent, let’s say, a solid year understanding how sick I was with anger and frustration and
the physical toll it has taken on my body. And every attempt I have made to get my life, health,
and finances in order, for whatever reason, has wholly fallen through by no means of my own.
So, like any person in a corner going nowhere fast, I took a gigantic step backward to gain
perspective and let the universe guide me to what I was meant to be doing.
With my gigantic step backward, I started to listen to my advice which not so shockingly began
to lead me down the right path. I started by creating a little routine I could get into daily, creating
calm and peace. Exercise, meditate, study, and relax. It sounds straightforward, and like most
paths, opening up to the beginning is more natural than we think if we apply ourselves with a
little dash of faith in the process. It is always best to start something relaxed, not complicating it

That is when the miracle hit me, my conscious and subconscious minds decided to meet in the
middle, and the brick wall I was smacking my head on so often, started to walk me down the
path to what was unfolding in my heart and soul. I have always wanted to be a healer; when I
was young, it was to be a doctor creating cures for the sicknesses I watched my family members
suffer and eventually pass from. However, as I got older, I realized that being a doctor in today’s
world had nothing to do with actual healing but preserving people’s lifestyles, which was only
prolonging suffering in the worst of ways. The whole experience left me wanting to help people
heal as I have been learning, but with more questions than answers.

I want to take a moment to talk about miracles and how to believe in miracles as I have
experienced them in myself, my teachings, and the present world of people around me. I do this
because although I think and have faith, this blog is not meant for religious purposes but to help
those reading it find the path they have been missing. Most put, a Miracle is when your
conscious mind understands something so profound that the world around you shifts and changes
to accommodate that new understanding. It may seem like magic, but it is when your mind is so
powerful in what it believes that it creates in the material world around you. When something
like this happens, your subconscious, which is where your automatic programming to walk,
breathe, drive, etc., has the opportunity to no longer believe in that old way and can re-write the
program you had initially learned at some point in your life. For some, like myself, the light
went off in my mind that what I wanted and what I was doing was so different that it became
indisputable; all of the business opportunities I had been working on were never going to work
for me, and boom, the path became obvious. For others I have met along this passage, it has
meant not believing what “medical doctors” were saying and moving down in another direction
to heal themselves from the diseases they held so dear, and to some, no longer believing they
couldn’t walk but getting out of the chair and making it happen. I would also like to point out that
for some having a miracle happen in one’s heart and mind doesn’t mean that it is so easy to

practice in real life. In my current case, I have had to be vigilant about what was part of my path
and what hasn’t. Walking in the world and practicing what we have learned is a challenge for us
all, and it is what makes breaks or shifts the outcomes of the changes we are trying to bring about
in our lives. These changes are good and bad, as mistakes made are points where learning
happens. (Not that any of us want to hear that part, but yes, it is true!)
This day spent in Charleston is where I set my personal choices in line with my dreams and
started to walk forward. There has been some stumbling along the way, but all in good time as
authentic learning has begun. I am making more personal decisions, with a balanced heart and
mind, as to where the next step is and how much it affects me and my goals. How the people and
events in my life are just directional arrows for life, I am consciously creating, and this is just the

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