The Lady in the Park: Understanding the Power of Choice

The Lady in the Park…Your Choices In my last Blog, I talked about my choices and how important understanding your world is. Thispast week I had an experience with a young lady sitting on a park bench that I wanted to shareto demonstrate further the power of choice and the miracles behind then.The day had […]

Breaking the Cycle of Stress: Understanding the Mind-Body Connection

With the latest full amazing full moon on January 31, 2018, the topic of stress, tension, andanxiety has come up in many of my clients. Most of us going through life changes, family issues,illnesses, and loss, have all been coming in to talk about the devastating effects of thesesituations in our lives and how to […]

Finding My Way: A Personal Journey of Healing, Miracles, and Discovery

I took this picture while roaming around Charleston, N.C., trying to figure out what my life wasmeant to be. I was still recovering from another failed, multi-year job that made me lost andnearly broke. The few things I tried to do then were just life handing me more lemons andwaiting for me to make lemonade! […]